BOOTS initiative announced


Shortly after taking office in 2019, Governor Mark Gordon recognized the many challenges that Wyoming was facing related to education and workforce. To deal with this challenge the Governor has launched a new website and dashboard which aims to connect individuals to local education and job opportunities. This tool is intended to support the education goals of the state and is a part of the solution to addressing the challenges that Wyoming faces related post-secondary attainment and workforce. This aligns with and is coordinated with the Wyoming Innovation Partnership (WIP) and other economic and workforce development efforts. The data available within this new tool will give Wyoming residents and businesses insights and greater understanding of what jobs are available in Wyoming, pathways through education, the value of education and training, labor supply and demand, as well as growth potential for Wyoming industries both regionally and statewide. All of this should help Wyoming people and businesses meet growing workforce challenges. This is all possible because Governor Gordon seized the opportunity to apply for grant funding and technical assistance from the National Governors Association (NGA) in partnership with Strada Education Network. In collaboration with five other states, Governor Gordon’s office led a state team that took on the project, resulting in the successful development of this new tool.